• Word Wall Words 
    Each week we learn new sight words.  Please help your child practice read and write the words on this list.  This will help them to become a more fluent reader and writer!
    Week One: Rules and Names 
    Week Two: I, see
    Week Three: can, a
    Week Four: like, the 
    Week Five: am, you
    Week Six: go, to, me
    Week Seven: look, at, here
    Week Eight: my, on, is
    Week Nine: have, down, up 
    Week Ten: he, she, we 
    Week Eleven: into, mom, dad
    Week Twelve: love, yes, no
     Week Thirteen: said, for, has  
    Week Fourteen: want, from, good
    Week Fifteen: what, do, are
    Week Sixteen: as, if, your
    Week Seventeen: come, play, and                       
    Week Eigteen: was, so, him                                
     Week Nineteen: they, be, this
    Week Twenty: his, her, of
    Week Twenty One: there, where
    Week Twenty Two: get, put
    Week Twenty Three: when, then
    Week Twenty Four: red, went, by
     Week Twenty Five:  friend, best, who
    Week Twenty Six: but, find, out
    Week Twenty Seven: time, how, will
    Week Twenty Eight: big, little
    Week Twenty Nine: lip, had
    Week Thirty: how, stop, why
     Week Thirty One: not, them, all
    Week Thirty Two:dog, cat, could
    Week Thirty Three: been, hug, did
Last Modified on August 10, 2017