School nurses help kids learn better!
  • Hello, Owl Parents!


    My name is Kristen Noack and I am the Registered Nurse here at Cross Oaks Elementary. I am so excited for this school year and I hope you and your owls are, too! I bring to Cross Oaks varied nursing experience from the operating room and hospital admissions to home health. More important than my experience, I bring an immense love of children. I highly value my time working with various populations in the hospital, but my heart has always been focused on providing love and care to children. I’m so excited to be here, caring for you and your owls this year!

    In Denton ISD, we have guidelines for how the campus health room works best, and I wanted to share those with you so your expectations can be clear.

    There are several reasons why your child may come to the health room. One may be for routine medication. To administer your child's medication, I need the medicine to be in the original bottle (not a Ziploc baggie or other container). Medications cannot be sent with students to school. An adult must bring the medication to my office. It needs to be labeled with the child’s name, the doctor’s name, the dosage and time to be given (this is your standard prescription label the pharmacy places). I also need the administration form to be filled out by you and signed. I keep this form ready at all times, so just stop by to grab one. It’s like a permission slip for medicine at school. Any over-the-counter medication that does not have a pharmacy label on it requires a doctor’s note for me to be allowed to give it.

    Vomiting or stomachaches may bring your child to my office. Though certainly not enjoyable for your kiddo, vomiting does not necessarily indicate illness. It may be nerves or a change in their routine. I will assess your child and if no clinical presentation of illness exists, I will offer appropriate treatment and send them back to class to see if symptoms resolve. Many stomachaches happen because children do not eat breakfast. Please make sure that your child eats something in the morning before coming to school. This will be super helpful!

    Toileting accidents may be a common occurrence for some children. This can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, so I suggest that you send a change of clothes (including undergarments) that they can keep in their backpacks just in case an accident occurs. 

    During the first few months of school, your child (if in Pre-K, Kinder, 1st, 3rd and 5th grade) will be screened for vision and hearing. You will be notified if the screenings indicate a need for referral for further evaluation.

    I want to assure you that communication is very important to me. I will always call you if your child is sick and will provide courtesy calls for other clinic visits at my discretion. The school policy for sending children home is a fever greater than 100 degrees, symptoms of pink eye, signs of a contagious or communicable disease or two or more diarrhea stools or vomiting episodes. Occasionally, a doctor’s note is required for your child to return to school.

    My goal is to keep your children as healthy as possible so they can learn as much as possible during their time as owls. It is my honest pleasure to love and care for your children. I consider myself truly blessed to be here. Please feel free to call or e-mail me anytime. I am here for you! My office hours are 7:30-3:30.

    Kristen Noack, BSN, RN



Last Modified on April 6, 2018