• All athletes:  Will receive shorts and an athletic shirt on the first day of school. These are property of Rodriguez MS and will need to be returned at the end of the year. An under armor portal will be set up to purchase additional workout gear if you would like to have an additional set of clothes to rotate out between. See the Boys Athletic Homepage for the link.

    Football: Athletes will need to purchase their own pair of cleats. The brand is not important, find a pair that fits comfortably. Color preference would be something primarily white, black, or grey but any color is acceptable. Socks for games will not be provided. We will wear white socks for games and you can pick the style, brand and sock length (high or low cut). Unnecessary sweatbands, and visors (unless medically required) should not be purchased. 

    Basketball: Basketball gear such as athletic clothes and a jersey will be provided. A good pair of basketball shoes will be required for off-season and for tryouts but please be aware that there may be cuts during the season. We hope to keep everyone but because of limitations on jerseys we may need to make cuts. Please be aware of this when deciding to buy new basketball shoes.

    Cross Country and Track: just need a pair of running shoes