• Dimensions of Depth and Complexity

    Dimensions of Depth

    Language of the Discipline



    Words about the topic




    All the things we notice about the topic





    A set of characteristics you see repeated





    The accepted way to act or do something




    The way things are done or thought of at

    different points in time




    To look at the topic and ask if it is right or wrong

    Unanswered Questions



    The topic is not clear or it is not complete

    Big Ideas



    What we are studying and what we want to learn about it

    Dimensions of Complexity

    Over Time



    What the topic was like in the past, what it’s like now, and what we think it be in the future

    Multiple Perspectives



    What other people think about our topic

    Across the Disciplines



    How our topic is seen or used in math, language,

    science, and social studies

Last Modified on July 13, 2018