• Tutoring and Reassessment Times

    Wednesdays during advisory are TUTORING/REASSESSMENT days. Please make sure your student is taking full advantage of this time given during the school day to get remediation. 

    Listed below are tutorial times for the 8th grade teachers if a student needs extra time outside of Wednesday advisory. Please keep in mind that last minute meetings or emergencies may affect tutoring schedules.  As a campus we have faculty meetings every month which will affect morning tutoring sessions on those days. 

    Morning Tutoring: 7:45-8:10.  Afternoon Tutoring: 3:35-3:50/4:00.

     Teacher  Monday     Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday
    Lindsey Howard           
    Cody Martin          
    Hana Noland   AM  PM AM PM AM
     Elena Pointdujour           
    Cara Smith           
     Laura Telschow          
    Bill Wenger           

    Reassessment Policy and Schedule:

    Our grading policy allows reassessments to show that new learning has occurred. Our goal is to make student learning the focus for all parties involved.

    Major Assessments- includes tests, projects, and common assessments, etc. This will assess a large amount of material covered over a set time period. If a student does not show mastery of a TEK on a major assessment, they will be given an opportunity that allows them to proactively seek new mastery of learning of the standard.   However, there are requirements for the student to meet in order to do so. These requirements are set by each teacher and may differ based on the type of assessment. Students will need to show they have completed all the practice before retaking the assessment.

    Minor reassessments- includes quizzes, labs, and anything that is assessing what the students have been learning over a short time period. Think of these as “checkpoints” for student comprehension and learning. If students are scoring low on minors, encourage tutoring before the major assessment. Minor assessment grades can be raised by scoring higher for that TEK on the major assessment. If the major assessment grade is higher than the minor assessment grade, it will replace it in the gradebook.  Some TEKS are process skills and do not fit under the test for a higher grade opportunity and progress will need to be shown on the next minor assessment.

    Reassessment Window – Students are given a 10 school day window from the day the assessment is put into HAC. This means that within 10 days they must have completed all reteaching needed through tutorials and a reassessment.   Teachers do factor in sub days, holidays, and non-tutoring days into the 10 day window. If a student fails to meet a deadline, each day it is past due will remove a day from the 10 day window of reassessment.


    How can you help at home?

    Absences - Studies show that the more absences a student has, the more likely their grades are to be lower. Absences correlating to grades study

    Tutoring – Encourage students to come in for tutoring if they are struggling OR if they are ever absent! Every absence should be made up in a tutoring session.

    Discussion –Each subject is always focusing on new learning. We ask that you engage your student in discussion over what new learning is happening in the classroom. Keeping up the discussion helps their learning increase. Students should be using agendas to write down what was done in class and what was for homework. You should find upcoming assessments on teacher websites as well.

    Studying – While your student may not have a lot of homework coming home other than math, they should always be studying.  Each teacher should have some sort of weekly minor assessment.   Have students look over notes/practice/journal/homework nightly for a refresher, and they will be ready for the next practice or minor assessment.

    Web Pages/Google Classroom – Going to teacher web pages can provide you with a list of information.  Each of us will have our TEKS on our web pages.  This is what your student is expected to learn.  As the year progresses you will see the TEKS linked to our assignments.

    Encouragement – One skill that students need to acquire is to be able to advocate for themselves appropriately.  Students finding their responsibility in coming to tutoring, noticing when they are struggling, and taking accountability in their grades is essential to the process.  Please encourage your student to take ownership in their grades and work.

    Communication – Teachers are always willing to speak to you about your student’s progress in the classroom.  Email is usually best as the day can get caught up in class and meetings.  We do ask that you give us at least 24 hours to respond to all emails and phone messages.  However, open communication with your student is always helpful as well, since they may have information about reassessment, assignments, and projects.  We know questions will still arise after speaking with your student, but it is helpful for us to know where the miscommunication happened with the student.

    We feel these policies will help promote student responsibility and organization. We are excited about having your student on our team and look forward to a great year together!