• 8th Grade Team Expectations:

    Rodriguez Middle School adheres to a simple management system called CHAMPS. Students are instructed in the appropriate behaviors for common areas as well as classrooms through this program in order to maintain a safe and civil school. Students are made aware of appropriate voice levels, the attention signal (Fangs up, Fangs out), how to get help, and how to participate appropriately. 

    • Students must wear their Rodriguez Middle School ID with a lanyard every day at all times. This is a school wide policy. The first time a student has no ID it will be a verbal warning. The second time is parent contact. The third time and any time after that is lunch detention. 
    • Students who do not exhibit appropriate behaviors will receive a “ticket”. 
    • This process will be explained in detail to your student during the first week of school.  
    • Each student will receive a ticket sheet that will be stapled into their agenda every nine weeks. Here is a link to what it will look like. 8th Grade CHAMPS Ticket Sheet
    • Please see the attachment for further details.
    • This is a way of tracking behavior across the 8th grade team. 
    • Students will wait outside of each classroom until the teacher lets you in
    • When the students come in, they will immediately make sure their pencil is sharpened, have paper, homework, calculator, and other supplies out on their desk.
    • Students will work on the warm up/bell work and not be up walking around talking to others.
    • Students will exit when the teacher tells them to be dismissed, not the bell. The bell is a reminder for the teacher that class is over. 
    • Students will not pack up until the teacher tells them to.
    • Students are required to have their agenda in each class every day. 
    • Food and drink not allowed in classrooms. Only water. Lunches must stay in backpacks
    • No gum in any 8th grade class unless given as a reward.
    • Students will not use their phone/device in class unless the teacher tells them to. 
    • Students will NOT ever use another person’s phone/device unless given permission. 
    • NO videos or pictures will be allowed to be taken unless given permission. 
    • In each classroom there will be a poster letting students know how devices will be used that day. 
    • If a phone is taken up, the 1st time is a warning. After that it is taken to the office and parents will have to pay $15 to get it back. 
    • Students should have their phone/device out on the corner of the desk face down every day that they bring it to class.
    • Parents contacting students will still count as using the phone and will be taken up.
    • Students are required to wear ID/lanyard at all times. The best place to keep it once school is out is in their backpack so it is not forgotten the next school day. 
    • Homework does not count as a grade, but is a required exercise for each class. Students will receive a ticket for not doing homework/turning it in late. 
    • Grading is split into minor and major assessments
    • Reassessments will not be given on minor assessments. 
    • Students can increase their grade on a minor assessment by scoring higher on that TEK for the major assessment.
    • Reassessments will be given for major assessments for full credit. Students have 10 school days to re-assess on a major assessment. 
    • Parents and students can keep up with grades for all classes through Home Access Center located here: Home Access Center
    • A missing grade will show up as MSG and count as a zero until that assessment is made up.

    Before School Procedures:


    • Students who walk, bike or parent drop off will enter through the front doors. 
    • Bus students enter in the back by the gym.
    • 8th grade will go to the cafeteria until their pod opens.
    • The bell will ring at 8:10am and they need to be in 1st period by 8:15am.
    After School Procedures:
    • Bus riders go out the back doors.  
    • Because of the new school hours, buses will leave within 5-7 minutes of dismissal time.  Students will need to go immediately there.  
    • Buses will not come back to pick up students who miss the bus.
    • Walk/bike/parent pick up will exit through the front doors.  
    • Once a student leaves the building they will not be allowed to reenter the building.  
    • All students should be off campus by 4:00 at the latest.  


    • Students will be expected to be prepared and in class on time. Tardies are entered in the official attendance records.
    Dress Code:
    • The Denton ISD dress code is located here: Denton ISD Dress Code
    • Please notice that slides (shoes) ARE NOT ALLOWED on the Rodriguez Middle School campus. This is a safety hazard. Thank you for your cooperation. 


    •  Tutoring times for each teacher will be determined based on faculty meetings and duty schedules. Please see the tutoring and reassessment tab on the home page of the 8th grade team website. 
    Announcements/Upcoming Events:
    • Announcements and upcoming events are posted on the home page of the 8th grade team website.