• The 3 instruments you can choose from in 5th Grade Orchestra are the violinviola, and cello (students who wish to play the bass may start on cello and switch to bass in 6th grade)

     Violin Family

     The violin is probably the most well-known instrument in the orchestra. It is the smallest and highest sounding instrument in the orchestra. It is held on the shoulder. Violin players can sit or stand to play.


    The viola looks just like a violin but it is just a little bit bigger and it has a lower, deeper sound. The viola is held the same way as a violin. The viola provides balance in the orchestra between the lower sounding instruments and the violin.


     The cello is much bigger than the violin or viola. It is played sitting down, held in between the knees. The cello has a low, deep sound but can also make very high sounds.


    The bass is the largest member of the orchestra. It is played by standing up or sitting on a stool. The bass makes the lowest sound of all the instruments. The bass is a common instrument in both classical music and jazz music.

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    Why Play a String Instrument?


    You can play ANY style of music on a string instrument. This can include classical, jazz, country, bluegrass, pop, hip-hop, rock, mariachi, and others. String players can participate in many different types of live concert performances as well as on recordings of all different types of music.


    Every culture in the world has string instruments and values the art of string instrument playing. The violin family of instruments has not changed in design in hundreds of years. You are part of a centuries-old tradition.


    If you keep playing all the way through high school you could be skilled enough to study music as a major in college or play professionally at weddings and parties. Many people earn extra money throughout college and beyond this way, playing in string quartets or small orchestras.


    When you are older you can play in full-time or part-time professional orchestras. Some people make a career out of playing in full-time professional orchestras. There are also many part-time orchestras made up of people who have full-time careers in other areas.


    Learning to play an instrument will give you something you can enjoy doing your entire life!