• 5th Grade Orchestra Supplies

    You will need to be sized for your instrument by your teacher. This will be done at your beginner instrument drive at the end of your 4th grade year. After you know your instrument size, you may be able to order your instrument and supplies at the instrument drive, or by visiting one of the recommended music stores listed on this website. Some music stores offer online rental with delivery on-site to your school. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch may apply for the district instrument fee reduction program at the beginning of your 5th grade year. You will be able to check out an instrument through your orchestra director for a small fee. You will be responsible for purchasing the other required supplies.

    Important Tips:

    Most students rent an instrument at first and wait to purchase their first instrument until they are ready for the full-size instrument. Students are highly recommended to get their instrument from one of our recommended stores. Please contact your teacher before purchasing or renting an instrument from any dealer not on our recommended list, especially over the internet. The quality of the instrument the student uses is very important to the student's progress at learning the instrument. Poor quality instruments are very hard for a student to play don't stay in tune easily. This makes it especially hard for the student to practice individually at home. It also is hard for the whole class to practice when there are instruments with regular tuning or mechanical problems the teacher must address during class.

     1. Instrument and Bow (correctly sized for you by your teacher).
    2. Orchestra Book – Essential Elements Book 1 for your instrument (violin, viola, or cello) .
    3. Shoulder Rest (violin/viola) - correctly sized for the instrument. Kun or Everest brand recommended. 
    4. Rock Stop (cello/bass) - stops the end pin from sliding or scratching the floor.
    5. Rosin (almost always included with a rental instrument). 
    6. Soft cloth or rag for cleaning instrument after use (no need to purchase a special cloth - find something from home you can use)
    1. Music stand for at-home practice. Helps with proper posture and playing technique.
    2. Violin/Viola students not using Kun brand shoulder rest - shoulder rest bag to attach to case so you don't lose your shoulder rest. Try amazon.com, sharmusic.com or swstrings.com.