• Solar Eclipse 2017

    Eclipse Image

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    Safety First

    It is very unsafe to view the solar eclipse directly without safety glasses.  Why you ask?  

    Normally, the pupil constricts to protect your eye from damage caused by the ultraviolet light from the sun. During an eclipse, the ultraviolet light is still powerful, but more comfortable to look at.

    The inside of the eye has no pain sensors, and the UV light can actually burn the retina, scorching the rods and cones in the eye, and cause blindness without ever causing pain. 


    Research the following questions to challenge yourself:

    • How often does a solar eclipse occur? 
    • If the sun is 400X larger than the moon how can the moon block out the much larger sun? 
    • How is a lunar eclipse different than a solar eclipse and why are they more common? 
    • Why aren't total solar eclipses visible to every location on earth?
    • Why doesn't a solar eclipse happen every month as the moon rotates around the earth? 
Last Modified on August 21, 2017