• Subtracting numbers within 100 using base ten blocks

    Posted by Vicki Davis on 9/27/2017
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  • Developing Thinking Strategies for Addition Facts

    Posted by Vicki Davis on 9/3/2017

    In 2nd grade your child will learn how to solve math problems in ways that are different from how we learned in school.

    One of the foundational pieces for them to be successful is learning their basic addition and subtraction facts to 20 with automaticity.

    Knowing these facts fluently allows them to solve problems with greater numbers as well as begin to transfer those skills to being able to solve problems mentally.

    It's wonderful to watch the aha moments when they start to put it together and realize how much more efficient it is to solve problems using what they know about numbers rather than counting on.  It will take lots of practice but I can already see some who are making the connections!  

    Below is a link that explains the different strategies we will be teaching and how you can support them at home as well.  




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