How can I view my student's progress?

  • Seesaw: Student's Digital Portfolio

    A digital portfolio of student work. Seesaw gives families an immediate and personalized window into their child’s school day, and makes communication with teachers seamless. Now you will have instant access to your students work and much more.  You will also receive messages from teachers about upcoming events and assignments. You will be able to access this program either on the computer or from your devices, phones and tablets.

    Please Sign Up Now

    1. Click on this link:
    2. Choose your child from the list
    3. Create your account
    4. Once approved, you can see content from your child

    After you sign up, download the free Seesaw Family app and sign in. You can also access Seesaw from a computer at


    If you used Seesaw last year or have more than one child using Seesaw, follow the link above, then click the 'Sign in' tab at the top of the screen. You do not need to create a new account.


  •  Home Access Center (HAC)
    Follow the link below in order to view
    your child's grades from home. 
Last Modified on October 5, 2017