2013-14 Providence Adopt-A-School Essay Contest & Art Contest Winners
AAS winners Providence Adopt-A-School Essay Contest winners Hudson Barnett, 5th grade, and Caitlin Vessel, 4th grade each took the first place trophy for their essays submitted in November. Their writing will now become part of a book that will be placed in all the elementary school libraries throughout DISD and will be distributed to area Realtors during the annual Adopt-A-School Growth Tour on March 6. To honor these top writers, Barnes & Nobles Booksellers hosted their annual Young Authors Night on Jan. 15, where these students took part in a book signing. They each autographed copies of the first printing of the compilation of essays. We are extremely proud of all of our students!   
 4th Grade Campus Essay Winners
 5th Grade Campus Essay Winners
1st Place: Caitlin Vessel
1st Place: Hudson Barnett
2nd Place: Sam Vader
2nd Place: Mariah Nale
3rd Place: Miranda Garcia
3rd Place: Hailey O'Riordan
4th Grade District Essay Winner
6th Place: Caitlin Vessel
Providence Adopt-A-School Art Contest winners Elizabeth Diaz, 5th grade, and Marleigh Bates, 4th grade each took the first place trophy for their art entries submitted in November. Their artwork will be on display at Meridian Bank in Denton.  To honor these young artists, Meridian Bank is hosting their annual AAS Art Exhibit on Jan. 22 in the Meridian Bank lobby where all guests will enjoy refreshments and get an opportunity to view the creative work completed by DISD students.  We are extremely proud of these young artists!
4th Grade Campus Art Winners
5th Grade Campus Art Winners
1st Place: Marleigh Bates
1st Place: Elizabeth Diaz
2nd Place: Leah Matney
2nd Place: Jordyn Owens
3rd Place: Jadyn Nwagbara
3rd Place: Tyler Briggs