About Our School's Core Beliefs

  • Pecan Creek Ideals

    Our Motto
    Learning Together, We All Grow

    Our Mission
    Learning together to make our world a better place

    Our Vision
    We believe that all students have unique potential for learning and succeeding in an ever-changing global society. We will support their social, emotional, and academic growth in a safe, respectful environment.

    Our Values

    • Creativity: “We will model creative thinking and honor the creativity we see in students’ work.”
    • Leadership: “We will create opportunities for students to learn and practice authentic leadership skills.”
    • Curriculum Development: “We will model high expectations for learning and involve students in their own learning decisions.”
    • Advocacy for One Another: “We will honor students who exemplify helpful, supportive actions toward others.”

    Our Goals

    1. We will strive to understand and use differentiated instruction techniques and strategies in every content area, every day.
    2. We will seek ways to increase the level of parent and community involvement in our school in positive and authentic ways.