• Department of Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Staff Development

    Our Philosophy

    1plus1Fundamentally, all education can be represented in the simplest of equations, 1 + 1 = 2.  Regardless of the size of the district, the school, or the class, learning happens when one teacher and one student bring curiosity and knowledge together to produce something new.  This perspective shapes all we do in the Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Staff Development Department.  Though the simplest of interactions lies beneath all educational experiences, education is more subtle and complex than an addition problem.  Teaching is as marvelous and full of possibility as the biological procreation of a species of rare flower, where one plus one is much more than two.  Those possibilities are what drive us to nurture in others the passion and inspiration gained from our experiences in education and to provide professional growth opportunities for those who are charged with molding, shaping, and improving student achievement. Perhaps the most apt image for education is the lamp.  The flame it holds kindles a fire and light in the learner that does not diminish the teacher.  Indeed, the light from that teacher’s lamp is somehow brighter for the sharing.




    Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and Staff Development Department

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