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    Officer Eric Coulston
    School Resource Officer
    As the School Resource Officer at Calhoun I have several roles and responsibilities.  Obviously, my main role is to provide security and to be a police presence on the campus.  There is much more to my job than that though.  Some of my goals as the campus School Resource Officer or "SRO" is to build a rapport with the students and to let them know that a police officer is not only someone that you deal with when you do something wrong or get into trouble, but also someone that you can go to when you need help.  Because of this, I find myself interacting with students on more of a positive level.  I would much rather speak with a student about how well he or she is doing in a specific class than to have to speak with them about repeatedly disrupting a class.  My main goal is to let students and parents know that I am available to them when they need any type of assistance.  If I am approached with a problem that I'm not able to help with, I will refer the student to someone that can help them.  I look forward to interacting with our students this year and for many years to come.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Officer Coulston
    School Resource Officer
    Calhoun Middle School
    (940) 369-2424
    Following is a list of a few resources that may be of assistance to you or your child:
    Denton County Impact Program
    (Similar to the "Scared Straight program)
    Contact Deputy Charley Smith
    (940) 349-1651
    Denton Police Department
    Family Services Coordinator:
    (Provides resources such as family counseling)
    Richard Godoy
    (940) 349-7909
    Child Abuse Reports
    Answers 24 hours / 7 days a week
    Denton County Hotline for Suicide and other Mental Health Crisis Intervention
Last Modified on April 13, 2015