• Welcome Read 180!


    Class Purpose

    READ 180 is a researched-based reading intervention program, published by Scholastic, Inc. in collaboration with Vanderbilt University. It is designed for students who have not become proficient in reading through traditional learning experiences.  It is an intensive reading intervention program that directly addresses individual needs through adaptive and instructional software, high-interest literature, and direct instruction in reading, writing, and vocabulary skills.

    In Read 180 you will be learning strategies, skills, and techniques that you will use for the rest of your life.  This class will teach you to analyze and understand what you read whether it be a short story, novel, poetry, a textbook, etc.  We will utilize these skills through:  silent reading, shared reading, vocabulary practice, classwork exercises, quizzes, tests, and conferences.


    Grading Policies

    As of 2017, and in order for students to focus fully on strengthening reading skills, Read 180 will no longer receive a standard letter grade. Progress reports will be sent home during each grading period and  will allow for your child to show progress toward the goal of reading at grade level as demonstrated by Scholastic Reading Inventory assessment and subsequent lexile scores. We will also use authentic and ongoing assessments to show progress in reading skills.

    Examples of ongoing authentic assignments:

    Independent reading, Quick Writes, Data Binders, and Daily Assignments

    Examples of ongoing assessments:

    Read 180 data reporting, Reading Counts Tests, and quarterly SRI assessment.

     Silent Reading or SSR 

    Because of the nature of the class, each student will be expected to have a silent reading book in class everyday.   They can have a book from the library or a book from home.  Magazines are okay, too, as long as they are appropriate for school.


    Classroom Policies

      *In addition to the school’s code of conduct, I have class rules that I expect each student to follow:

    ·        Follow CHAMPS expectations in class.

    ·        Be ready to work when class begins.

    ·        Have an attitude of excellence in regard to your own learning.

    ·        Keep Smart Goals in mind every day to achieve those goals.

    Additional Expectations

    ·Students are responsible for informing the teacher when they have returned from an absence.  The student is responsible for obtaining any make-up work that has been missed during an absence.

    ·Students are required to write in blue or black ink or pencil.

    Classroom Consequences

     If a student chooses to not follow a rule, the following consequences will occur:

    •         Verbal warning
    •         Phone call home and reflection worksheet.  
    •          Removal from class to a buddy room or office.
    If students DO choose to follow class expectations, positive office referrals may also result.