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    Thank you for visiting the Sam Houston
    Elementary School Music Room page.
    Sam Houston Elementary is the home of the Award Winning Sam Houston Singers Choir


    Christine Martin-Beutner is the Music Specialist

     at Sam Houston.



    The Music program at Sam Houston is Kodaly based.


    "Teach music in such a way that it is a joy for the pupil; instill a thirst for finer music in him - a thirst which will last a lifetime. "

                                                          - Zoltan Kodaly



    "Best Communities for Music Education in America"

         in  2004 & 2007-2012

                          Please support fine arts education in Texas by visiting:
    The GoArts campaign advocates for education policies that ensure all Texas students have the opportunities to study music, art, theater, and dance. GoArts is jointly sponsored by the Texas Coalition for Quality Arts Education and the Texas Music Educators Association.


    BRAVO to the Sam Houston Singers
    invited choir representing DISD
    singing for Texas' First Lady Mrs. Anita Perry
    on her visit to Denton March 24, 2010
    BRAVO to the Sam Houston Singers
    awarded a clean sweep (straight I's) at Sandy Lake competition 
     for the 13th year in a row
    on May 17, 2017
    The Sam Houston Singers were awarded "Outstanding Choir of the Day"           in 2011 and 2014 
    Some of the 2014 judges comments were:

    "WOW! What nice vowels and phrases. Super dynamics, Great attention to rhythmic accuracy.  Lovely.  Done with great choral technique.  "    
    " Gosh! So good to see and hear a group that really knows how to handle and perform a piece of choral music.  "Way to Go" Choir! Super Work!! I enjoyed you very much"
    "Beautiful sound, so open and free - that hard work you've done on vowels and breathing is the reason, and I loved hearing it!   This piece has a higher level of difficulty - but you handle it like PROS! Thank you so much for singing beautifully!"
    "Excellent posture and stage deportment.  Excellent piece and well prepared.  You have such nice "head tone" sounds.  Nice unison AND 2 part singing ! Excellent articulation and diction!!"  
    To our more than 70 special Veterans/currently Serving guests at our '16 Veteran's Day program,to all the Veterans at the city-wide program on the Square, and to all Veterans everywhere:
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE !!!! **********************
    The Sam Houston Singers are honored to be the Choir chosen to sing at the Denton County's Veteran's Day program on The Square each year. the Sam Houston Singers schedule can be found elsewhere on this webpage...

    The next round of Choir Auditions will be in September                                             for the 2016-2017 Choir . 
    click on the link below to experience opera singer Renee Flemming singing the National Anthem before Superbowl 2014

    K - 1st grade classes learn about rhythm, steady beat, and melody.  2nd-5th grade classes concentrate on rhythm, solfege, music reading, composition...  - ALL grades play games, sing songs, and learn in FUN ways !   WOW !!!




    PTA Music Programs for


    Thursday November 9, 2017,   - 5th Grade Veteran's Day preview program 

    Thursday December __, 2017-  4th Grade  "Play Party " musical. 
    Thursday May  __, 2018-   Fine Arts Showcase. Art Exhibit, Choir and Orchestra combined concert.  Call for Choir is 6:30pm. The concert portion of the program will follow a short PTA meeting. 
    3-5th Grades  play Recorder (usually ) during the 5th Six Weeks!    Those that didn't own a Recorder  play on a Classroom instrument.  Students have the opportunity to order their choice of sparkly -bright colored Recorders  at a bargain price .  Recorders that were ordered will be passed out before Spring Break to attending students. RECORDER KARATE: check out the links found on the left side of this webpage! SEND ME A VIDEO ~!  
    "Be a STAR Week" happens the first week of May  during all 1st - 5th Gd Music Classes. Last year's performances included a variety of "talent"  - Juggling, singing, dancing, soccer, dramatic speech, piano, jokes... No auditions necessary.


    The class with the best attendance and the best behavior during Music Class wins an entire pan of Mrs. B's Best Brownies in the World , presented on a silver platter .

    Brownie Contest WINNERS:
    Fall Semester:   Tuesday 5th Grade Class
    Spring Semester:  Thursday 5th Grade Class 
     WHO WILL WIN IN 2015-2016??  Will YOUR class name be here ??
    Make a GOAL to EARN MY BROWNIES !!!!!  

    Check out our Music Room calendar (menu at the left) for all the latest happenings! GREAT THINGS ARE WORTH THE WORK !!!



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