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    Welcome to Music at Providence Elementary School. 

    Music Can Raise Your Child's IQ

    The very act of learning how to transform a written score into its corresponding auditory and motoric patterns of music causes the brain's neural circuitry to weave together highly complex ways of information processing.  These pathways will be used over and over again for the study of other formal systems such as mathematics, language, and science.  These pathways are also associated with spatial-temporal reasoning.

    This is why there is such an outstanding correlation between children who study music seriously and straight A report cards.  Music training also has the following benefits:

    *Improved reading and language skills, including mathematics

    *Clearer thinking, both linear and abstract

    *Improved self-esteem

    *Improved attitude in school

    *Ability to be creative

    *Possible high IQ


Last Modified on March 3, 2016