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    During the short time our students are enrolled into Head Start, our staff works hard to prepare them and their families for lifelong learning. Parents and teachers collaborate to establish individual goals for students to work on throughout the year. Teaching teams are constantly assessing student progress and participating in ongoing professional development. This helps to ensure they are learning and implementing best practices for young children tailored to their individual needs.
    As Education Specialist, I monitor student progress, provide instructional support, and plan/implement school wide activities. I have had the pleasure of working at Ann Windle School since 2001. Thank you for visiting my page. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.
    Sacha Harden, M.Ed
    Head Start Education Specialist 
    CLASS Reliable/Trainer
    sharden@dentonisd.org   sharden@g.dentonisd.org 
    940-369-3902 office        940-369-4930 fax