7th Grade Texas History

U.S. President Report & Tagxedo:

Tagxedo  (Microsoft Silverlight required for this program to work properly)

  • Find a black & white, highly contrasting clipart image of your President.  Make sure that this clipart image is a JPEG or convert to a JPEG using the Paint program. 
  • Go to tagxedo.com and find the CREATE area.  On the left menu in the Create area, Click on SHAPE, click on ADD IMAGE to upload your clipart.jpg
  • On the left menu, click LOAD to add the words that you have selected that describe your President.  Type the words into the Enter Text field and click SUBMIT.  To see a list of good descriptive words for a leader or a U.S. President, click: words to describe a leader.
  • Choose your colors or THEME from the left menu.
  • Print your Presidential Tagxedo image once you have your creation the way that you would like it to appear.  It should be obvious that it is a presidential figure and a good representation of the person that he was.

Learn About Texas:
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Texas Immigration

MLA Format Powerpoint (Microsoft PowerPoint)

Example of a Works Cited Page in MLA Format(Microsoft Word)

Past Immigration:

German and Polish Immigration


All immigration groups

Current Immigration:

Galveston Hurricane, 1900:

City of Galveston Official Site

Galveston 1900 on wikipedia

The 1900 Storm

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Eye Witness to History

Spanish Missions Field Trip:


Texas Independence/Body Biography:

Library Research & Databases (most things found in the Databases are Print Resources--in case you're having a hard time finding your person in a book; And a huge plus is that the databases automatically give you your MLA citation--look for it!)
Mandelas & Texas Indians:


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