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    Art Teacher: Denise Clyne
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    Art Room Schedule
    7:50-8:40 Fifth
    8:50-9:40 Fourth
    9:50-10:40 Third
    10:40-11:10 Brunch
    11:25-12:15 Second
    12:20-11:10 Kinder
    1:15-2:05 First
    2:10-2:50 Planning
    Car Dismissal Duty
    In the art room we will explore the world of art not only through the production of art but also by considering art through:
    • aesthetics, the philosophy of beauty
    • criticism, how a work of art is composed
    • history, the life and times of the artist
    To integrate the world of art with the rest of the world we will often turn to newspaper articles and events, maps and the time line.
    Far from being a separate entity, art is a way to connect the entire school curriculum. For example we can talk about geometric and free form shapes, which are math concepts, when we study the work of Matisse. Kindergartners learn about the writing and illustrations of Eric Carle while they learn about kinds of lines.
    Elementary art teachers throughout the district have worked together to align the curriculum . The alignment is based upon the elements and principles of design. It is our hope that students who may move through the district will arrive at their new art rooms with a feeling of comfort and belonging which comes from understanding content.
    To this end I will divide my school year into this flexible schedule:
    • Line and Movement
    • Shape, Form, Balance, and Proportion
    • Color and Contrast
    • Value and Emphasis
    • Texture, Pattern, Rhythm, and Unity
    • Space
    • Review and Flexible Teaching time
Ms. Denise Clyne



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Denise Clyne

Denise Clyne

Conferesnce time: 2:10-2:45

Tutoring time by appointment

Curriculum taught: Art K-5

email: dclyneruch@dentonisd.org

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