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    Ms. Stacy Bzdok

    Kindergarten through 5th grade follow a general scope and sequence based on the elements and principles of art. The order is:

    1st 6 weeks: Line, Rhythm, and Movement
    2nd 6 weeks: Shape and Balance
    3rd 6 weeks: Form and Emphasis
    4th 6 weeks: Color, Contrast, and Value
    5th 6 weeks: Texture, Variety, and Unity
    6th 6 weeks: Space and Proportion

    Please visit my "About Mrs. Sturgell" page at your leisure to learn more about me!

    Art at Cross Oaks is taught using the Discipline Based Art Education philosophy. DBAE is a well rounded approach to teaching art to the whole child through art aesthetics, art history, art production, and art criticism at every grade level. Through this approach, our students will learn to value historical and cultural differences along with aesthetics and productive criticism.

    There are three Essential Agreements that make our classroom successful.
    1. Be safe
    2. Be respectful
    3. Have fun

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    First Grade Gallery
    Second Grade Gallery
    Third Grade Gallery
    Fourth Grade Gallery
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    Pre-K and Kindergarten Art


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    3rd Grade Art
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