Adult and Community Education Overview

Adult and Community Education

The Denton ISD Adult & Community Education Department operates two distinct programs geared toward adults and children in both the city of Denton and the four county area (Denton, Wise, and Collin counties), Adult Basic Education and Community Education.

Our Adult Basic Education program offers free GED preparation and English as a Second Language classes to people over the age of 18. The Denton ISD Adult Education Program is the fiscal agent serving Denton and Collin Counties since 1996. This is a grant-funded program from the Texas Workforce Commission. GED classes help students prepare to take the GED exam and improve their Reading, Writing, Math and Workplace Readiness skills. Our adult ESL programs not only assist students in learning to speak, read and write in English, but also focus on parenting skills, workforce skills, life skills and cultural understanding.

Our Community Education program is focused on the idea of promoting lifelong learning for the citizens of Denton and the surrounding areas. At the heart of our Community Education program is a simple idea: schools are not just places to teach children, but they are centers for the entire community. Citizens participating in lifelong learning utilize their school facilities and tax dollars to the fullest. Our Community Education program is funded through class fees and local funds, and most classes are held in Denton ISD schools and in the Denton ISD Technology building. These classes are designed to help residents achieve both their personal and professional goals. Community Education classes cover an array of topics that include, but are not limited to, family, vocational, personal development, professional development, and business and financial interests.