•  Supporting Our Students The Way They Need To Be Supported
    Hello Parents and Students!
    My name is Symantha Roberts and I am an Deaf Education Inclusion Teacher for McNair Elementary. If your child has inclusion minutes and is a part of the Deaf Education program at McNair, I'll be the one going into the classroom to work with them.
    I currently hold a Bachelors from Texas Woman's University in Communication Sciences and a Masters in Education of the Deaf. I graduated with my masters in August of 2012. I taught as an itinerant (traveling) teacher in my previous district for three years. I enjoy getting to work with my students one on one, and providing the individual support they need. I love that I can go into the classroom with my students to help them understand general education curriculum. 
    As a child with a moderate to severe hearing loss, I attended McNair's Deaf Education program for kindergarten and first grade. It brings back happy memories to now be working here. I still remember walking down the ramp to the cafeteria every day and interacting with other students with a hearing loss. It is because of the hard work from my teachers, that I have been able to have the confidence and skills that I need to be successful. Knowing that my teachers helped me to get where I am today, I made the choice to become a teacher myself. I want to be a role model for our children and show them that they can be successful too! 
    I am now happily married (7 years!) and mother to a darling little girl. They are the light of my world. I enjoy reading books, watching movies, and scrapbooking in my planner. I also enjoy learning about new technology, especially if it includes automobiles or listening devices (hearing aids, cochlear implants, and so on...)
    I know that the 2016-17 school year will be great! I look forward to working with a great team (including you!) within McNair Elementary and Denton ISD's RDSPD.
    With warm hopes and wishes,
    Symantha Roberts 
Last Modified on December 6, 2016