Fall Corps Commander                                Fall Deputy Commander

Cadet Lt Col Tristen Ward                                                        Cadet 2d Lt Andrew Hunsberger

Fall Commander                                                                      Fall Deputy Commander

                                                 Lt Col J Blake Fentress                                                  
                                     Sr Aerospace Science Instructor                                   
  Welcome to John H. Guyer High School and Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC).  We the instructors, school staff, and cadets are committed to the present and the future by developing better citizens through our outstanding AFJROTC program.  Our mission is to educate, nurture, and challenge our young men and women so they can grow stronger physically and mentally, work to their strengths, overcome their weaknesses, and discover the hidden potential deep within to become better Americans.
  Our AFJROTC Cadets will be instrumental in building, organizing, teaching, and developing their own Cadet Corps at Guyer.  They will prepare themselves for the future and the surprises it brings.  They will gain awareness and knowledge of educational opportunities, vocational opportunities, personal growth opportunities, and any other opportunities that may be opened to them as they traverse the innumerable portals of life.
  We invite you to share in the challenges and rewards of AFJROTC.  Please provide us with feedback on what we can do better to help our young men and women reach for their stars and pursue their dreams.
Are you considering AFJROTC as an elective?  Watch this video from our April 2014 Awards Banquet to see if it's for you!
                                                                                    2015 Video