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Class of 2015 nets seven Distinguished IB Diploma graduates

Denton Independent School District’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Denton High School finished the 2014-15 school year with seven graduates receiving the Distinguished IB Diploma.

Each of these graduating seniors completed all of the requirements in the IB Diploma Programme curriculum and underwent two years of college preparatory rigor to achieve this distinction. The IB graduates included William Crouch, Austin College; Jordan Gil, University of North Texas; Vanessa Jimenez, University of Texas; Dewey Middlemiss-Kurtz, University of North Texas; Ana Mitchell, University of Texas; James Rowland, University of Texas; and Ryan Worlton, Brigham Young University.

These Denton High graduates earned a minimum of 24 college credit hours at their participating colleges and universities in conjunction with the reception of their Distinguished IB Diploma. Depending on their area of study and institution of higher education, their IB diploma could be worth as much as 32 college credit hours.

Denton ISD welcomes students from within and outside the district to apply for a transfer to Denton High and enroll in the IB program. Denton High began the fall semester with 90 IB Diploma candidates, its largest pool of students to date.

For more information on the IB program, please contact Beth Hughes, IB coordinator at Denton High, by phone at 940-369-2238 or via email at