2013 Wilson Film Festival
  iPad video competition and fund raiser


Please note that we are not able to thank our online donors personally because the reports that we see for those donations are anonymous to protect your personal information.   If you are a business who donated online and you would like to be acknowledged here, please email Carol Richmond.   All of our donors have our sincere appreciation and we wish that we could thank each of you personally.  
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Last year through a generous donation of funds from the PTA and monies earned through the BoxTops for Education program we were able to purchase 24 iPads for student use. The iPads are available for checkout through the library but there are many times when more than one class wants to use them at the same time. We need more iPads so that every student will have the opportunity to use them. So, we looked at our options for fundraising.

Did we want to ask our students to sell (and their parents to buy!) a bunch of junk no one needed? No!

Did we want to turn over nearly 50% of funds donated to a fundraising company to do a Boosterthon like many other Denton schools? No!

Did we want our fundraising effort to be a learning experience for our students? Yes!

Did we want to showcase the ways our students are already using iPads? Yes!

Did we want to keep 100% of the funds donated so that we could buy more iPads? Yes!

The answers to these questions led us to create the Woodrow Wilson Film Festival. Each class has created a video using an iPad. The videos are available on this site. Beginning September 23, you will select the winners by voting with your dollars. No junk to buy, no money turned over to a fund raising company. 100% of the funds donated will be used to put more iPads into our students' hands (minus a small fee for credit card services and a few minor expenses). We will purchase iPads that will be available for all classes to check out as needed. Every class that raises $1000 or more will receive an iPad Mini for their classroom in addition to contributing an iPad to the class set for checkout.