• BMMS Student Leadership Team


    Every student has the potential to be a leader, and at Bettye Myers Middle School we have the responsibility to establish a school climate that nurtures student’s growth as self-sufficient, engaged citizens, and to develop their leadership skills


    The Student Leadership Team was formed based on this belief. Our goal is to provide students in this organization with opportunities to lead so they may grow into responsible adults.


    Through the Student Leadership Team, we will give the members opportunities to develop leadership skills that will allow them to manage time, work as a team, set goals, solve problems, facilitate meetings, defend positions, and make effective presentations. In other words, our goal is to facilitate their development of effective life skills.


    Student Leadership Team Members Will:


    • Build relationships with a variety of BMMS stakeholders while using their voice to make meaningful changes at Bettye Myers, and in their local communities.


    • Engage with peers and adults to develop and maintain positive, inclusive climates in their classroom, campus, and local communities.


    • Develop the skills and knowledge necessary of leadership while empowering themselves and others to be effective leaders.