• Bettye Myers Middle School Bring Your Own Device Policy

    Denton ISD has provided Bettye Myers Middle School with wireless network access in order to provide students with 21st century learning opportunities. The purpose of this policyis to establish clear guidelines and procedures to ensure the integrity of Denton ISD’s network. This BYOD policy applies, but is not limited to all devices and accompanying media (e.g. USB thumb and external hard drives) that fit the following classifications:

     Smart phones, Other mobile/cellular phones, Tablets, Portable media devices, PDAs, Netbooks, Laptop/notebook computers, including home desktops, any personally-owned device capable of storing data and connecting to a network.


    Guidelines for BYOD

    Students may use their electronic devices before and after school for personal use.  Once the school day begins (8:15 am – 3:35 pm & the lunch period), students may no longer use their devices for personal use, but may use their devices for learning purposes.  For example, a student may not listen to music, text friends, or get on Facebook during class, but may use the calculator when permitted by the teacher. 


    Students must understand that the use of a personal device in the classroom is for instructional use only and at the teacher’s discretion. Students should have permission from the teacher to use a personal device in their classroom.   

    • Use of personal devices in the classroom must support instructional activities.
    • Students must power off and put away personal devices if directed to do so by teachers or school administration.
    • Students must ensure that their personal device does not disrupt the learning of others.  For example, audio should be muted unless directed otherwise by instructional staff 
    • Students may use their personal computer in supervised public areas only, such as in the Library, Flex Room, or Classroom under a staff member’s supervision 
    • Students must abide by the Denton ISD Acceptable Use Policy when using personal computers.
    • Students are not allowed to access any network resources other than the Internet.
    • Students are responsible for the use of their personal device on the Denton ISD network at all times.
    • Students should practice caution when allowing others to access their personal device.


     Students failing to comply with the above guidelines may receive the following consequences:

    1st Offense: Personal device will be confiscated and placed in the office where the student may retrieve it at the end of the day.

    2nd Offense: Personal device will be confiscated and placed in the office where a parent will be required to come to school and retrieve it and pay a $15.00 fee  ($15.00 fee applies to cell phones only). 

    3rd Offense: User will lose the privilege of being allowed to have a personal device in class for 3 weeks.


    Violations that will result in the immediate and permanent loss of access:

    Ø Accessing websites of a pornographic, sexual, illegal or otherwise considered inappropriate by Denton ISD.

    Ø Activity involving cyber-bullying or harassment of another user or group of Students. 

    Ø Activity of a malicious and/or illegal intent.


    Any other violations and misuses of a personal computer on school grounds will be subject to established discipline policies and procedures.


    Students in possession of devices, which have been proven stolen, will face disciplinary action and possible legal action by the owner of the device.



    Wireless access is available for the Internet only. Student’s personal computers will not be granted access to other network resources such as school-system owned software and hardware devices including printers.   In addition, Denton ISD’s technology department personnel are not permitted to provide technical support for personal devices.   Support and technical assistance is the sole responsibility of the user.


    It is the total responsibility of the student to keep up with their belongings. Denton ISD and BMMS assumes no responsibility for malfunction, damage, theft, or loss of personal devices.