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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I just go to classes whenever I want?

  • Can I test and take classes remotely on a mobile device?

  • Do I have to take a test to start class?

  • Do you administer the High School Equivalency tests?

  • Do you offer classes online?

  • How can I contact NTAEL?

  • How can I start classes with North Texas Adult Education & Literacy?

  • How much do services cost?

  • What am I being tested on in the test?

  • What can I expect in the classroom?

  • What if I don't live in the area you serve? I live in Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, etc...

  • What is HSE and what is ESL?

  • When can I start classes?

  • Where are the classes you offer?

  • What to Expect for: 



  • During intake you will be required to fill out paper work that is needed for the program. This is usually the first item in our registration process. Please ensure that you have your state issued ID or drivers license and your social security card for verification if you have one. You can also bring any of these forms of IDs if you do not have a state issued ID, click here. We do not deny students if you do not have the required IDs. You will be bring or fill out the following:

    • Enrollment Form
    • Parent / Guardian Form (ages 16-18)
    • School withdrawal Form (ages 16-18
    • Court Order Form (ages 16)
    • Verify TANF Eligibility
    • Screening Tool (ESL students only)
    • Self Attestation (if applicable) 

    After intake you will either start testing same day as intake or testing will follow the next day or scheduled based on availability. 


  • Testing is usually done the next day or by the intake specialist’s schedule. Please come ready to take the tests seriously so we can get the most accurate results when placing you in class. These tests are not pass or fail but merely a guide for the program and instructors on how proficient you are at the subject.

    If you are an ESL student you will be doing two types of tests:

    • BEST Oral Test - This consists of having a conversation with the proctor. Based on the conversation the program will run algorithms to determine English language proficiency. 
    • BEST LIT Test -  This test is a timed test and you are only allotted 1 hour. In this test you will be asked questions based on American life and is the reading and writing portion of the test which will determine your English reading and writing level.

    If you are an HSE student you will be taking the TABE test. The TABE test is one of the state standard assessments which tests you on Math, Reading, and Language. For each section you will also be taking an auto locator test which determines what level of test you will take. Please keep in mind that if you get an O/R on a test you will be required to retake that section over at a lower level. 


  • Orientation takes place after you have successfully finished both intake and testing. During orientation, you will be given the ins and outs of the program as well as other information that will help you to be successful in our program. You will also be expected to go over goals, expectations, and other required information. We will also go over our curriculum which is Burlington English for ESL and Essential Education for HSE. In addition, you will be explained what progress testing is as well as what are our expectations are for testing. This process is usually done in 3 days and you can start classes the following week.