• Welcome to Career Pathways (CPW) of North Texas Adult Education & Literacy. In addition to what we offer, NTAEL offer integrated solutions through partnerships with Texas employers, colleges, and other literacy providers to offer career pathway opportunities to help with your overall self-sustainability. There are 4 components to Career Pathways:

    • Integrated Education & Trainings (IETs): In partnership with Texas employers and other entities students attend adult education classes as well as gain workforce skills training toward the entry level career they have chosen. Gain a certification in a growing Texas job at low to no tuition cost!
    • Integrated EL Civics: Basic ESL classes with a civics component. Best for students seeking to expand their career and civics opportunities.
    • Intensive Models:
      • Workplace Literacy: Texas employers site-based adult education classes. Learn basic education or English skills while working with your employer.
      • ESL for Professionals:  Advanced ESL classes with a career focused component. Best for students with degrees from another country as well as advanced English learners looking to polish their career and technology skills. 

    So why choose Career Pathways as your career choice? You will be able to choose from one of the growing opportunities in Texas workforce at low or to no cost, as well as gain employment sometimes as soon as you exit from the class. We partner up with employers that are in high demand and at entry level provides family sustainability and guaranteed job growth for committed employers. Our Career Pathways are ever changing please choose from the current / TBD offerings below.

  • Current Offerings:

  • CDL Certifications

  • Medical Coding & Billing