• McNair Elementary

    Attendance – Pam Ingram  940-369-3606


    Attendance Email Address: mcnairnotes@dentonisd.org

    First School Bell rings at 7:30 AM, Tardy Bell Rings at 7:40 AM and School Day ends at 3:00 PM.

    Ensuring our students are given every opportunity to be successful is a key component of McNair Elementary, thus attendance and timeliness are of utmost importance. Parents and Students should make every effort to be prompt and present, so each one of our students can reach his/her fullest potential.

    Absent from School:

    1. You can email mcnairnotes@dentonisd.org the morning of the absence or send a note to school within 3 days of the student returning.
    2. Provide name, grade, teacher, relationship to student, date/time, and reason for absence.
    3. If student will be or was absent for more than one day, please include all days in the email or note.
    4. A phone call advising the school of the absence is not necessary as it is NOT an acceptable form of reporting an absence.


    Tardy to School:

    1. Students arriving Tardy (after 7:40) to school must be signed in at the front office by the parent.
    2. An excused tardy is given for a medical.
    3. An unexcused tardy is given for all other reason. A late arrival more than 15 minutes will be a LOSIT, (Loss of significant instructional time) without a doctor’s note. Students are to be in their classrooms/seats when the 7:40 AM bell rings to begin the school day. Excessive and habitual tardiness may result in a truancy issues.


    Early Release from School:

    1. Parents must come into the office with Driver’s License Identification to sign out their student.  Parents must check students back in at the office upon their return, if returning after the appointment.
    2. Please allow enough time for student to be called when picking up your student for an appointment. Students will not be called down early for an appointment. They will not be released from class until the parent/guardian has arrived and begun the sign out process.
    3. If a student leaves, they must have a Doctor’s note for the LOSIT to be excused.


    Attendance Policy:

    1. A warning letter will be sent home after 3 unverified absences or LOSITs in a 4-week period or 5 unverified absences or LOSITs within the school year.  Any further unverified absences require intervention. Ten unverified absences/LOSITs will result in campus consequences or truancy court.
    2. A letter will be sent home if a student is absent 10 or more days whether excused or unexcused.  Medical documentation may be required for future absences.


    Please let the attendance office know if you have any questions. Thank you.