• CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management
    What is CHAMPS?
    • set of decisions the teacher must make in order to structure for today's students
    • A decision-making template
    • process
    • An acronym
    • common language among staff


    What CHAMPS is not

    • Quick fixes or miracle cures because effective discipline and classroom management are lifelong learning tasks


    Why CHAMPS?

    •  Responsive: to teachers and parents
    •  Proactive Measure


    CHAMPS at McNair Elementary

    • Guidelines for Success
    • School Wide Attention Signal
    • Voice Levels
    • “CHAMPING”common areas: Hall, Bathroom, Cafeteria, Arrival/Dismissal, Recess
    • Behavior Hierarchy
    • Used in all classes, in all grade levels; consistency is key with effective behavior management!


    Guidelines for Success:

    • Guidelines for Success are 3-5 brief statements or phrases that describe skills, traits, and attitudes that students need to be successful in school and in life.
    • Commanders in SPACE
      • Show you care
      • Positive Attitude
      • Accept responsibility
      • Cooperate with others
      • Encourage others


    Use an Attention Signal

    • Identify and use consistently, an attention signal that has the following components
      • Visual
      • Auditory
      • Portable

    Our Signal
    Give Me Five! When the teacher raises her hand, the students must do the same at a zero voice level.


    Voice Levels:

    • 0: Silent
    • 1: Whisper
    • 2: Small Group
    • 3: Classroom
    • 4: Outside


    What is "CHAMPing"

    •  C is for Conversation: What voice level are you at, and who are you supposed to be speaking with?
    •  H is for Help: How do you ask for help?
    •  A is for Activity: What are you supposed to be doing?
    •  M is for Movement: Are you rotating through groups, sitting on the carpet, sitting at your desk, etc?
    •  P is for Participation: How does the teacher know you are fully participating?
    •  S is for Success: If you follow the first five, you will be successful!