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     blown capacitors on the motherboard, Per Julie (4/24/07) According to Dell, the SX270's, GX270's, and GX280's that have blown capacitors on the motherboard, will be covered until January 31, 2008.  Call Repair for system board replacement.
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    Tv Issues:
    If computer is not sending video to TV, and cables are all connected correctly, log in as yourself and check video settings under display properties.  Most TV's require 600 x 800 video settings with a resolution of 65 hz.
    If this does not correct the problem, unplug the TV, wait 5 minutes and plug it back in.  This resets the TV to factory defaults.  Manufacturer says wait 24 hours, but most will reset after 5 min.
    SX280 Memory Issues
    Is your SX280 constantly beeping and showing no signs of video?  Unplug it and reseat the memory.  If you have to do this more than once per machine, please send in a HEAT ticket.
    SX280 System board issues When system is showing amber light with no power, no diag lights, then this is a system board issues.  Please submit a HEAT ticket and bring to repair shop.
    High-Pitch Monitor Squeal Try resetting the refresh rate.  Most monitors are set to 60 hertz.  To change this setting:  Right-Click on the Desktop, left-click on Properties, click the Settings tab, click the Advanced button, click the Monitor tab, set the refresh rate to 75 hertz.  If this does not correct the issue, check to make sure the video cable is seated snugly into the back of the computer.  If this STILL doesn't correct the issue, send a HEAT ticket.
    Adding a computer to the domain: To see instructions click here.Instructions
    SX280 Blue Screen: Failure:  Parity check/Memory parity error.  Cause:  Unknown - Testing is still in process on these machines.  Testing that has been done so far, 'reseat mem modules', defrag, scan disk, update BIOS. You can find the BIOS update here.  All of these machines should have the BIOS update ran.  The BIOS update is a windows process, not a boot process.
    Computer/Projector: Failure: Only one device is projecting. Fix:  Check Graphic Properties, Display, Multiple Display to verify that it is set for Intel  Dual Clone.
    Network card not responding: Test:  Disable/Enable network device in BIOS.  Boot to BIOS (F2).  Under Integrated Device turn Network Card off (disable).  Reboot computer.  Go back into BIOS and re-enable. (on w/pxe).  If this does not correct the issue then 1) Have you determined that the network port is in working order 2) Have you determined there is not a campus network failure 3) have you determined that network cable is in working order 4) have you tried a known good working network device in this location?  If all else failes, contact the repair dept.