• After participating in the ROX Program...

    83% of girls have higher levels of self-esteem

    94% of girls report feeling more connected to other girls and less alone

    88% of girls feel safer and more confident that they can protect themselves

    78% of girls have improved school attendance or feel an increased connection to school

    90% of girls report that they plan to attend college after they graduate

    Girls who participate in ROX develop healthier communication and problem-solving skills. There was a 63% reduction in girl bullying behavior among girls who participated in ROX.

  • What do ROX girls say after participating in the program?

    “I’ve become stronger”

    “I’ve learned a lot of new ways to keep myself motivated”

    “I’ve met new people and made new friends”

    “We’ve learned to stand up for each other and ourselves”

    “ROX is an opportunity talk about personal things”

    “I learned about ways to empower myself and others. I learned new coping strategies  and I’ve spread my new knowledge to others”


    “I learned how strong I really am”

    “I’ve opened up and shared my experiences with other girls”

    “ROX is the best group ever”

    “ROX helped me with problems”

    “I learned it’s okay to use your voice”

    “I like those swaggy shirts”

    “I learned that we have people we can depend on”