• Adobe Spark

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • To access Adobe Creative Cloud products, launch the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application.

    • For those of you that have previously installed this software, it should already be on your computer.
    • If you do not have the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application installed, please visit the Software Center to install it. 
      • You will be presented with a logon page (1st pic below) and will need to select “Sign in with an Enterprise ID” (towards the bottom). It will take you to an Enterprise logon screen (2nd pic below). 
      • For staff you will enter your email, e.g. bsmith@dentonisd.org, and students will enter their Office 365 email, e.g. 123456@dentonstudent.org. **Please note, when you are assisting students with logging on, they will enter @dentonstudent.org and NOT @dentonisd.org** 
      • Once your email address is entered, you will be sent to Denton ISD’s logon page. This familiar page is how you will complete the logon process (3rd pic below). Please logon to this window using your Denton ISD account, e.g. “bsmith” or “840517”, then your password. 
      • Once logged in, you will have access to all Adobe Creative Cloud products. Select the “Apps” tab at the top of the Window and you will be presented with all of the products. Staff have the ability, through this app, to install the needed software themselves without the intervention of Technology for a newly needed product or an update for an existing product. 

    Accessing these products in this manner also gives you access to use them at home! All products can be installed on your home computer using your District account. For access, please visit Adobe.com, logon, select “Desktop Downloads”, and then select Creative Cloud. Your interaction will be the same at home as at school.


    Q: How do I know if I have access?

    A: All accounts with access will be sent an email generated by Adobe stating that you now have access to an Adobe product name.


    Q: Which students are given access to this?

    A: Students currently enrolled in the appropriate CATE classes are given access to these products.


    Q: If I am a staff member and I am supposed to have access, but don’t, what do I do?

    A: Please submit a HEAT ticket and we will get your membership added.


    Q: If I have a student that does not have access, but needs it, what do I do?

    A: Please submit a HEAT ticket and we will review the students course enrollment, then apply access as needed.


    Q: How long do I have access for?

    A: For staff, you have access for the entire school year through the summer. At that point licensing will be cleared and re-established.

        For students, each semester the memberships will be updated based on class enrollment. If the student is still enrolled in a CATE class, access will continue uninterrupted.

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