• Welcome to Rodriguez Middle School!!! 



    We are excited to meet our Future 6th grade Vipers.

    January 27     5th Grade RMS Fine Arts Showcase 

    February 10   5th Grade Parent Transition Night in the RMS cafeteria 6:30-am-7:30 am  

    February 13   Bell Elementary Course Section and Union Park Elementary Course Selection  

    February 14   Providence Elementary Course Selection 

    February 19   Cross Oaks Elementary Course Selection 

    February 20   Paloma Creek Elementary Course Selection  


    6th Grade Viper Hatching Day will be held in August.



    All middle school students are required to complete 2 PE courses and 1 Fine Arts course.

    6th Graders will take PE and 2 electives. Elective Choices include:

    • Beginning Band 1
    • Beginning Orchestra 1      
    • Continuing Orchestra 1     
    • Choir 6 Girls                                                         
    • Choir 6 Boys                                                                       
    • Theater Arts 1                                                                                      
    • Art 1                                              
    • Investigating Careers

    Parent Transition Night Presentation

    5th Grade Student Presentation

    2020-21 Course Request Card

    6th Grade Elective Packet