• Procedure for Software Evaluation

    ***Please be sure that you follow the software evaluation process prior to creating a new software vendor***


    It is important that the evaluation process be followed to ensure that campus software installed is aligned with curriculum goals of the district.  Additionally, the software will need to be tested to ensure it will work on district devices and the network.




    1. Check to see if the software is on the Approved Software List: Approved Software List 
    2. If the approved Software is not on the list, please submit a HEAT ticket and fill out the form, providing all the information about the purchase.
      1. HEAT ticket submission
      2. Login and select "Report an Issue"
      3. Select "Software" in the Service field (drop-down box)
      4. Select "Software Approval" in the category field (drop-down box) 
      5. Once the software has been evaluated you will receive an email approval or denial notification (if you are denied, the reason will be included in the email notification)
    3. Check to see if the software vendor has been approved by Purchasing by visiting the Approved Vendor List: Approved Vendor List
      1. Reminder: you must be logged into your Denton ISD Google email to view this list
    4. If the software vendor is not on the Approved Vendor list, you must complete an IT - Vendor Addition Form in Laserfiche (be sure to select Technology Software)
      1. Laserfishe Vendor form: Laserfishe Vendor Addition Request
      2. The form will be routed through Technology and Purchasing. An estimated initial purchase price will have to be included in the form. If you don’t know the approximate cost, you may want to obtain a quote before completing the vendor form. 
    5. If the software and software vendor is approved, ask the Campus Technician for a quote.
      Once the quote is obtained from Technology, it can be turned into the campus or departmental administrative assistant that will complete the purchase.