EAP Frequently Asked Questions


    • Do you have to be taking the District insurance to qualify for this benefit?  No, ALL employees whether full or part-time, are eligible for the EAP benefit. Exclusion are substitutes and contract employees.
    • Am I limited to 6 counseling sessions per year? Employees will have access to a face to face counselor for 6 sessions per issue. If the employee initially sees a counselor for depression, they will get 6 sessions. If divorce becomes a feature in this employee's life, they will get an additional 6 sessions with additional sessions for other issues.
    • Are my family members covered by this benefit? Yes, all family members in the household to include children under the age of 27 whether they live in the area or out of town/state. So, children who are off to college can receive services with this benefit. 
    • What if I don't like the counselor I get? Call the toll-free number and request another counselor. If it isn't working out or you are not getting any traction in the counseling, get someone else - don't be shy!
    • Am I eligible for the EAP benefit after I leave Denton ISD? Yes, regardless of reason, you are extended the service 90 days post seperation.