• College & Career Expo 9:30 a.m. Sessions

    Breaking Down Roadblocks: College and Financial Aid Information for English Language Learners

    Audience: 5th - 12th grade

    Participants will learn about preparing and applying for 2 year and 4 year colleges and financial aid opportunities that are available.

    First U Haf-ta FAFSA to Cross the Finish Line

    Audience: 5th - 12th grade

    In this session students and parents will learn about financial aid, scholarships and grants. Participants will also learn about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and how to navigate the process of completing the FAFSA.

    Follow the Road to Middle School

    Audience: 4th - 5th grade

    Transitioning to middle school from elementary school can be scary for both parents and students. In this session participants will learn tips and tools for successfully navigating middle school and some of the things parents and students can do now to prepare for the transition. 

    Green Means Go; Race toward College Credits While in High School

    Audience: 5th - 10th grade

    Students can earn college credit and specific licensures/certifications while still in high school. Participants in this session will learn about which courses, exams and skills they need to get a jump on their post high school education.

    Map Out Your Path to Your Future Career

    Audience: 5th - 12th grade

    Come learn about the current career trends including the jobs with the highest demand in Denton, Texas and the U.S. Participants will also learn about the education requirements and pay scale for a variety of jobs.