• College & Career Expo 11 a.m. Sessions

    Hop on the Bus to Your 2- Year College

    Audience: 5th - 12th grade

    Prepare for your future by learning what your local community college has available for you. Participants in this session will learn about the many benefits and offerings available at a 2 year school whether the student is using this as a launch pad for a 4 year university or to obtain a certification or license.


    Moving On and Moving Out - Adulting 101

    Audience: 9th - 12th grade

    Can you operate a washing machine? Balance a checkbook? Call the electric company? Do you have the coping skills you need to move into adulthood? In this session, parents and students will learn the skills and life hacks students need to know before they move into young adulthood.


    Navigating the World of Testing

    Audience: 5th - 12th grade

    SAT, ACT, CBE, PSAT, TSI, AP, ASVAB, Certification tests. . .what do they measure, when do students take them? In this session participants will receive clarification on a variety of assessments and learn which ones students must take and for which purpose.


    Road Trip to Historically Black Universities

    Audience: 5th - 12th grade 

    After the Civil War, African American education blossomed. Black ministers and white philanthropists established schools all across the South to educate freed slaves. These schools became known as historically black colleges and Universities, or HBCUs. Come learn about the HBCU experience.


    Take the Fast Lane to Middle & High School Success

    Audience: 3rd - 9th grade

    In this session participants will learn some of the do’s and don’ts about middle and high school. Topics discussed will include appropriate course loads, study and organization skills, social and emotional skills, and other general information about navigating their school journey.