HSE Curriculum

  • Essential Education is the HSE curriculum we have chosen for our program. Essential Education is your key to getting ahead on your studies for your High School Equivalency Exams. This curriculum is given to students after orientation as an added tool for students to use in class, at home, or at any other public place with Wi-Fi. Instructors can assign you modules and gear learnings around what you need help on the most. In your Essential Ed Student Homeroom, you will be able to track progress, choose your subject, review study time, as well as take practice tests that will help you achieve your goal in obtaining a High School Equivalency. As you can see this web-based program was made with flexibility in mind as well as conformability, and you are able to easily study what you need help on to get you out of the door and on to your next goal in life.  Please keep in mind that this is a web-based program and requires WIFI, to learn more. 





Essential Ed Student Login

  • Please use the following link to login to your Student Homeroom for Essential Education. Your username should always be your email and you will have a generic password set by our program:

    NTAEL Essential Ed Login: www.essentialed.com/start/ntael