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Progress Testing

  • Once you have finished the registration process you will be enrolled and will be going to classes weekly based on your class schedule. During that time, you will be accumulating hours gained from in class instruction as well as from our curriculum as "proxy hours". After you have base lined in testing during the registration process, you will be given a proficiency level based on the assessment algorithm. We will then test you again after a certain number of hours that is required by our program, which is called Progress Testing.

    For ESL students you will be tested at 60 hours on both English oral and literacy. This means that if you did not take the Best Plus LIT the first time, you will be required to take them both at this time to show progress. For HSE students you will be required to progress test with the TABE assessment at 40 hours. You will only be taking the tests based on your baseline level proficiency and you will no longer be taking the locator and practice tests. You will be required to progress and we will reach out to schedule you to come progress test in person or virtually.

    We will progress test you every 40/60 hours so that you can make gains for our required goals, as well as for your personal goals. We will continue to progress test until you exit from the program or have exited testing level. 

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