Denton ISD Welcomes Clinical Teachers and Early Field Experience Applicants During the Fall and Spring Semesters!

    All clinical teachers and early field experience applicants must complete an online application to be considered for placements with Denton ISD.  A criminal background check is processed by the Human Resources Department.  Please note that this process can take up to two weeks from date of submission, in which once identified as CLEARED, you will be notified by the deparment or your program coordinator that your background and placement has been completed and confirmed. 

    Applicants are not allowed to enter a campus without proper background clearance. 

Please click on the topics below to learn about application deadlines:

  • Group Course Observations

  • Counseling & Social Work

  • Library Practicum

  • Early Field Experience/Student Observations

  • Student Clinical Teaching

  • UNT PDS Placements



    * The student must fill out the background application.

    Denton ISD Background Application

    * Once the application has been submitted, the student will immediately receive an email confirmation of submission.  This email must be forwarded to their university/program coordinator.





    * Once the student's email confirmation has been forwarded to the university/program coordinator, the coordinator must attach the email forwarded along with the approval letter indicating the following information:


    • Applicant's first and last name
    • Description of the assignment
    • Certification grade level
    • Certification subject/area
    • Total of hours required


    *  The university/program coordinator will forward both these documents for processing to Denton ISD's Human Resources Specialist, Sulieng Contreras.





    * Once the university/program coordinator has forwarded the email confirmation and approved letter, it will be reviewed and processed by Human Resources.

    * The background check can take up to two weeks to complete.

    * Once the background check has been CLEARED, your university/program coordinator will be notified by the Human Resources department that your background and placement has been completed and confirmed.


  • If you need additional information in reference to a request please contact Sulieng Contreras.