STEP 1

    Notify your campus principal and/or supervisor before beginning the resignation process.

    STEP 2

    Write a Resignation/Retirement Letter

    You will be required to attach a resignation/retirement letter to your form, so please have that complete before beginning the resignation form. NOTE: Please make sure to include your exact last working day in your resignation letter.

    STEP 3

    Determine what type of employee you are and the type of resignation you will need to submit.

    Professional and Paraprofessional Employees

    The Denton ISD Human Resources department is excited to announce a new electronic resignation process, facilitated through the Laserfiche Portal. If you are resigning or retiring from Denton ISD, all professional and paraprofessional employees will now be required to submit their resignation electronically through Laserfiche. 

    Step-by-step instructions can be found in the link below. Please make sure to read them fully before beginning the resignation process. 

    Submitting a Resignation/Retirement Form Instructions

    Click Here to go to the Laserfiche Portal 

    STEP 4

    If you would like your service records, please submit a Records Request Form. Do not make multiple requests. Your requests will be filled in the order in which they are received as soon as the updated record is available to HR.

    Service Record Request Timeline

    • Employees who resign prior to the end of their scheduled duty days will have service records available for request 30 days after their effective resignation date.
    • Employees who resign at the end of their scheduled duty days will have service records available for request after payroll closes out for the year around mid August.

    Auxiliary (Transportation, Child Nutrition, Maintenance, etc.) and Part Time/Temporary Employees

    Notify your supervisor of your resignation (Laserfiche Portal not required).


    Penalty Free Resignation Deadline for Professional Contracted Employees: 
    June 28, 2021