Credit By Exam

Credit By Exam (CBE)

  • Utilized to earn credit for a course, when a student has had prior instruction, and under the following conditions:

    • The student is enrolling in Denton ISD from a nonaccredited school and needs to verify credit for courses taken;
    • The student has failed a subject or course and needs to retrieve credit; or
    • The student has earned a passing grade in a subject or course but has failed to earn credit because of excessive absences and needs to retrieve credit

    Students must demonstrate mastery of 70% or higher on a CBE to earn verification or retrieval credit. 

    Eligibility to Register for CBE

    • Only students currently enrolled at a Denton ISD campus are eligible to apply for a Credit by Exam 
    • Per Texas Education Code §74.24(6), a student may not attempt to earn credit by examination for a specific high school course more than two times.
    • Per Texas Education Code §74.24(7), If a student fails to earn credit by examination for a specific high school course before the beginning of the school year in which the student would ordinarily be required to enroll in that course in accordance with the school district's prescribed course sequence, the student must satisfactorily complete the course to receive credit.


    • After successful completion of a CBE taken for high school credit, the numerical score earned will be posted to the student’s high school transcript and the student will earn high school credit.
    • The transcripted credit will be calculated into the student’s grade point average (GPA).
    • Scores that are not meeting the passing standard are not documented in the student’s high school transcript or middle school permanent record.


    • Students who have recevied prior instruction and register for Credit by Exam for purposes of retrieval of credit will be responsible for the cost of the exam.