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What is Remote Learning?

  • Remote Learning replaces the on-site classroom environment with virtual live conferences through the use of technology. Our NTAEL instructors will meet with you online delivering live lectures and will provide support for you through our Canvas platform. You will also get access to one of our distance learning curriculum, Burlington English CORE or Essential Education, that will help you with your self-study at home.

    Please note that you must have access to a working computer or tablet that can access the internet. (Cell phones are not sufficient for online learning)

What is Canvas?

  • Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that we use to replace the physical classroom to help students who have different learning styles, cannot meet face to face or simply want to try online learning for the first time. Canvas is a user-friendly digital classroom that can be used for live lectures, assignments, structured modules and a gateway to bridge that gap for your students. Learn more about Canvas on their website.

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Canvas VS MS Teams

  • What is the difference between Canvas and MS Teams?

    Canvas is a learning management system while MS Teams is a conference tool.  Picture Canvas as a big box and you have all these "apps and resources" that you can put in that box to help with your learning like MS Teams, documents, Quizlet and way more! See Canvas as your homeroom that houses everything, and you meet online with your instructor through Canvas but on MS Teams.