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    The Phishing Report is a running list of scam emails and phishing attempts we've observed recently in our environment. If you receive a suspicious email, take a look at the list below to see if it matches any of the ones we've postively identified as a phishing message. If you don't see your message on the list, forward it as an attachment to cybersecurity@dentonisd.org for further analysis.

    For instructions on how to send a message as an email attachment, Microsoft provides step-by-step instructions over at the how-to titled 'Reply to or forward an email message'

Date Received Sender Address Subject Screenshot
3/23/2021 Mark Hofer [no-reply[at]sharepointonline.com] Mark Hofer shared a 'Doc' with you. https://www.dentonisd.org/cms/lib/TX21000245/Centricity/Domain/12540/markHofer_BEC_capture.png
1/22/2021 emestgregstfh[at]gmail[.]com Order placed successfully.....!!!!!! https://www.dentonisd.org/cms/lib/TX21000245/Centricity/Domain/12540/AmazonSpoof.png
10/14/2020 tsimons[at]matagordaisd[.]org Magagorda ISD #Reff-380260 Policy! https://www.dentonisd.org/cms/lib/TX21000245/Centricity/Domain/12540/phishMessage04.png
9/24/2020 [various][at]davidtkessler[.]com Microsoft 365 Bills & payments https://www.dentonisd.org/cms/lib/TX21000245/Centricity/Domain/12540/phishMessage03.png
8/3/2020 chix[at]Lee[.]edu Lee College 8/3/2020 Latest News https://www.dentonisd.org/cms/lib/TX21000245/Centricity/Domain/12540/phishMessage02.png
7/29/2020 devans[at]fhsga[.]com Faith Health Services 7/29/2020 https://www.dentonisd.org/cms/lib/TX21000245/Centricity/Domain/12540/phishMessage01.PNG