• Denton ISD will be providing virtual learning under the REMOTE ASYNCHRONOUS INSTRUCTION plan.  These students are referred to as Connected Learners.                    


    Under this approved plan, students may earn DAILY attendance through DAILY progress engagement measures.  The approved progress engagement methods are listed below:


    • Daily progress in the Learning Management System (SeeSaw for elementary and Canvas for secondary).


    • Daily progress via teacher-student interactions, or (virtually, email, phone, etc.)


    • Completion and Turn-in of assignments from student to teacher (potentially via email, on-line, or mail).



    A student will be considered absent if the student does not have documented progress with SeeSaw or Canvas and/or daily contact with the teacher, and/or documentation of completion and turn in of daily assignments.



    If a student who is learning through our Face-to-Face plan is absent for any reason, they can still be marked present if engage virtually occurs on the same day of the absence in each class assigned for that day.