Password Reset

  • Option 1: Reset Password Through District Phone

    On a district Phone, dial 1234. (940-369-1234 on a cell phone) Listen to the automated voice system and when prompted, enter your Employee ID. At the next prompt, dial 1. The system will then ask you for the last four digits of your Social Security Number. This is for authentication purposes. The system should read back your temporary password.


    Option 2: Reset Password Through SSO

    If you have set up recovery questions on your SSO Account, you should be able to follow the link, "Help, I forgot my password," under the log in field on the SSO Login Page.


    Option 3: Reset Password on Desktop

    If you're on a district desktop computer, you can hit the button combination on your keyboard, Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Select Change a password. You must know your old password to reset it, so this option won't work if you don't know or remember your current password.


    Option 4: Contact Campus Tech, Librarian, or Service Desk

    The Campus Support Technician that services your campus has the ability to change and reset passwords. The Librarian of each campus will also be able to do this. If you cannot get in contact with either of these people, you can contact the Helpdesk by dialing 1234 on a district phone. (940-369-1234 on a cell phone)